Greeting from Slovakia

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  1. Erick3331

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    Hello everybody. I'm Erik Czakoi,36 years, I live in Slovakia , 10 years racing many international leagues : F1,Prototypes,Gt1,Gt3,Dtm and etc... I have experience in rFactor,rF2,GSC-Extreme and GTR2 simulators. I really like the Endurance and Gt3. I can not wait to have you compete...If possible I would like you to registered the : SR Endurance SuperCup 2016
    I have read and understand the rules [​IMG] SEE YOU THE CURCUITS !!!

    Regards : Erick
    Cheers [​IMG]
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  2. Nick9320

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    Again it's nice to meet you mate :)
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  3. Erik Czakoi

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    Thank you Nick, See you the track ;):);)
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